Is this a dagger which I see before me? Murdering British Union

By Rick Mendenhall

Fasten your seatbelts, true believers. Cubs fans have nothing on the Scots. After three hundred years, Scotland might regain independence.

The internet recently exploded with the news that the Yes on Independence campaign just polled above the No campaign for the first time. Although the effects of a split might be many, the Huffington Post warned that independence might have “significant implications” on major Scotch producers because of uncertainty over Scotland’s currency. (I.e. the price of Jack Donaghy’s morning-shower scotch might skyrocket.)

Whether or not any of this actually happens, please join St. Andrew’s Society of Washington D.C. (at a bar!) on October 2, 2014, for an analysis of the Scottish referendum by the former Scottish Counselor for North America. The talk will include a buffet dinner beforehand!