Corruption Risks in the Defense Industry

By Rick Mendenhall

There’s something sexy about the word corruption. I’m sure you’ve all scanned through your GAoogle news feed at one time or another and clicked a link just because it had corruption in the title. Because of this, I’m going to try and say corruption as often as possible in this post. Even when it might be unnecessary to say corruption. For instance, The Departed is an academy award winning movie about corruption.

Speaking of corruption, this Friday, November 13, 2014, the American Bar Association is hosting a talk on corruption risks for the United States defense and aerospace industry as they agree to more and more deals with foreign countries, especially with Asian countries. If you’re interested in the defense arms race in Asia, click here for the Summit’s coverage of it (sorry it’s not about corruption). If you’re interested in the defense industry in general, the PR Newswire has a thorough defense market forecast through 2020.

But if you’re actually just attracted to corruption, check out this BBC article about a Chinese official who stashed so many cash-bribes in his home that money-counting machines broke while tallying the illegal treasure trove.