The Next Level of Cocktail-Party Banter

By Rick Mendenhall

My Con Law II professor jokes that he assigns marquee cases like Citizens United just so his students can delight guests at the next cocktail-party they attend. I, however, take my cocktail banter very seriously. Sometimes, I jot down key buzzwords from that class like “Legal Process Theory,” and “Legal Realist Critique of Classical Legal Thought,” just so I can unleash them at unsuspecting party-goers.

That’s why this week’s American Society of International Law (ASIL) workshop on International Law as Behavior snagged my attention. Four words: Constructivist International Relations Theory. I think this might be the next level of cocktail-party banter.

Plus, the topic seems interesting: how human psychology affects the way international actors behave vis-à-vis international law. The lineup of speakers include heavyweight academics from across the United States. Hope to see you there!