U.N. Human Rights Director Declared a Persona Non Grata in the Congo

By Courtney Cox

Scott Campbell, director of the United Nations Joint Human Rights Office, was expelled from the Democratic Republic of the Congo this week after releasing a report condemning human rights violations. Reuters reports that Campbell’s findings accused the Congolese police of abusing civilians during its effort to quell gang activity in the country’s capital. Subsequently, the Congolese government rebuffed the report’s findings, claiming that the report was an attempt to destabilize the Congo, and declared Campbell a persona non grata.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned the expulsion and appealed to the Security Council to take action against the Congo. The Congolese government has forbidden Campbell from returning in his U.N. capacity; however, with consular approval he may return as an individual. A U.N. spokesman stated that Campbell will return to the Congo to continue his investigation of alleged human rights violations.