Cyberpunk’d: DOJ Nabs Cyber-Goons

By Rick Mendenhall

Picture a bank heist. $45 million stolen. No guns. No alarms. No masks. Just secret meetings between international criminal cells, suitcases stuffed with hundreds of thousands in cash, and an international investigation encompassing law enforcement authorities in the U.S., Japan, Canada, Germany and Romania.

Throw in Bruce Willis, set it on Christmas day, and this sounds like Die-Hard 7.

Alas, no yippe ki yay was uttered, and this heist was very real. Armed only with debit cards and an internet connection, three men plus an unknown number of international co-conspirators ripped off forty-five million from both domestic and foreign banks. The DOJ, however, with the assistance of sixteen countries, swiftly apprehended the cyber-criminals, and a federal judge just entered a sentence against them.

This type of international cyber-crime, while splashy now, may be the norm of tomorrow. Please join Georgetown University Law Center Thursday December 4th for a symposium entitled Cybercrime 2020: the Future of Online Crime and Investigations. Speakers will undoubtedly tackle both domestic and international legal issues.


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