Sudan: Mass Rapes by the Sudanese Army, ICC Refers Sudan to UNSC

By Ena Cefo

In the recent October 2014 human rights atrocity in Sudan, the Sudanese army committed mass rapes of at least 221women in the Darfur town of Tabit. Human Rights Watch found that the Sudanese army carried out military operations of entering homes, arresting and beating residents, and raping women and young girls. The Sudanese government has routinely impeded human rights investigations in Darfur by not cooperating with the International Criminal Court (ICC), blocking UN investigators, journalists and humanitarian workers from entering and investigating, and pressuring the peacekeeping mission to withdraw from areas it deemed “stable.” In a hopeful move for Sudanese victims of governmental abuses, on March 9th, 2015, the ICC declared Sudan uncooperative and referred the matter to the UN Security Council to undertake all necessary measures. 


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