Civilians May Be Targeted in Saudi-led Strikes in Yemen

By Megan Abbot

Civilians are being killed in Yemen, possibly as part of a targeted campaign in violation of international law.  In the conflict that has killed over 4,500 people, the U.S.-backed coalition led by Saudi Arabia supports Yemen’s president-in-exile, Abd Rabu Mansour Hadi, against the predominantly Shiite Houthi fighters from the northern provinces.  Iona Craig reports for Intercept that while it’s unclear whether the bombings are intentionally targeting civilians—which would be a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law—airstrikes show a pattern of indiscriminate bombing in densely-populated areas, including “double-tap” strikes seeming to target civilians assisting in recovery.  Human rights groups have called for the UNHRC to investigate these alleged violations of international law, including U.S. involvement in the killings.