A Tale of Two Resolutions: Dutch and Saudis Turn to the U.N. Regarding War-Torn Yemen

By Sarah Akbar

A United Nations mission to report on human rights abuses during the civil war in Yemen could become a reality after Dutch diplomats called for the U.N. to take action. The Netherlands submitted a U.N. resolution last Thursday urging the office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to “provide technical assistance” to the Yemeni government. This resolution could also make way for an authorization of a fact-finding mission that could shed more light on possible abuses. The Dutch resolution comes in the wake of a competing Saudi resolution submitted on Monday, urging the U.N. not to take action in the region. The two resolutions place the Unites States in a precarious position between two allies. Despite voicing its support for the Saudi-led coalition in the past, the United States has yet to make its opinion known on the subject.