About GJIL

Founded in 1969, Georgetown Journal of International Law (GJIL) has grown from its roots as the Georgetown Journal of Law and Policy in International Business into one of the nation’s top journals in the diverse and constantly growing field of international law.

Along with our peer international law journals at other law schools including Harvard, Stanford, and Virginia, GJIL’s age, membership, and prestige set us apart in our contributions to academia and the development of international law.

We cover a range of timely topics including, but not limited to: human rights, international humanitarian law, international security, trade, investment, business, taxation, international criminal law, and intellectual property. Above all else, we are committed to publishing diverse content that is relevant to legal practitioners and academics.

In addition to our regular issues, we publish an annual Trade Issue, a deep dive into hot topics in the field of international trade law. This issue supplements GJIL's broad inquiry into timely international scholarship, offering a truly comprehensive look at the current snapshot of international trade law.

We also hold a bi-annual Symposium on diverse topics such as our Spring 2017 topic, “International Justice in the US Context: Where We Stand, Where We Fall, and Where We Need to Be.” Interested in learning more? Contact our team: lawgjil@georgetown.edu